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Stuff about my server. It’s a surprisingly powerful VPS (considered how much I pay for it) hosted in Germany by Contabo and it runs Ubuntu 20.04

Improvements and fixes

  • move Jitsi Meet from to
  • Make Server from AJAX to Cron
  • document server saving issues
    • working alternative
    • LibreOffice Online?
    • version control and recover

Setup and configuration

There’s a dedicated step-by-step guide for this.

Installed apps and services

Apps Wishlist

Useful server apps or services I haven’t installed yet, in order of urgence and importance.

  1. Self-hosted mail server
  2. Mailtrain (very stable but old and not updated since 2 years ago) || listmonk (brand new and feature-packed, but in Alpha version), Newsletter managers
  3. Feedbin, the best news aggregator I found, yet
  4. Fediverse platforms
  5. Ferdi, all services in one place
  6. Ampache, for music listening
  7. Huginn, an IFTTT Alternative
  8. Jellyfin personal streaming service
  9. Kanboard Kanban Project Management Software
  10. Mailcow && Roundcube self hosted email
  11. OhMyForm for forms
  12. Plex, media streaming platform
  13. Wallabag, Pocket alternative

General knowledge

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