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Creative and technical work to be done, ideas and drafts progress tracking on this website


  • Subheadings display issue on mobile. Example page
  • Comment button toggle not working


Work in progress contents:

To be created

  • CANZOMNIA Jar page
  • Shows formats ideas
  • Books passages
  • Stuff extended like page, but with media

To do

  • access post category colour (and how conflicts are managed if the post has more than one category) in posts list
  • Analytics (temporarily set up with goatcounter)
  • automatic rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" addition to <a> tags. Testing jekyll-target-blank plugin, which is NOT WORKING! See the related issue
  • Categories global improvements
    • add categories to The Jar
    • [ ] show in a post its categories
  • [ ] Configure Bridgy
  • CSS only dark/light mode toggle
  • CSS cleanup
  • fix object-fit in Stuff
  • Flickr APIs for embedded/integrated/automated galleries
  • Full width pictures in articles
  • get rid of jQuery (it’s used just in one case and it’s not worth it: downloading it takes 1.5s ish of the website loading time) and use simple JS for the task it’s used for (list toggle on click)
  • global search button
  • Includes with CC0 and All-rights-reserved to add in specific pages
  • Indiewebify website
  • Neumorphism redesign. Try to use this tool
  • Newsletter
    • subscribe button
    • back-end implementation
    • [ ] Mailtrain   listmonk setup
  • Now page
  • Pagination
  • Pictures in blog posts list
  • Poetry
    • section
    • custom styling
    • custom feed
  • RSS Feeds management + Mailtrain automation
  • share on Jekyll showcase
  • stick the menu bar to the bottom instead of sticking it to the top, as in Humane Tech website
  • Typography
    • final letter spacing, line height, etc.
    • Custom font implementation
  • visioni
    • unsorted photos randomly moving
    • horizontal instead of vertical scrolling of the gallery
    • downloadable portfolio pdf
  • Animations (little and simple but effective)
    • buttons: xs and menus (see or
  • back-to-top button
  • basic coloured biiig shapes
  • “blogroll”: a list of blogs which inspire me, see Pawlean
  • change mobile browser bar colour
  • custom selection colour for text
  • customise 404 page
  • Creative Commons (or, in general, a license) for every image of the site (one for every image or one specified) FOOTER CC LICENSE
  • categories description and link to stuff
  • checkbox styling
  • CSV databases (check this post)
  • cursor styling
  • final header configuration
  • gif instead of images
  • Hover effects
  • [x] id anchor links
  • inline code styling
  • input fields styling
  • Language selection straight from landing page - 2020.09.11
  • language switch [x] letter-spacing and word spacing (it’s nice as it is) [x] light/dark mode switch button (I’m deep and dark / I’m bright and shiny) [x] list of belonging categories at the top of the post page
  • Mobile optimisation
  • move stuff extended to The Jar
  • page image preview when sending link, see the Open Graph Protocol
  • Privacy Policy
  • RSS Feed
  • separate website/repo/domain for web and online resources or for geek stuff in general (configured as The Jar)
  • Serif font styling in posts
  • Share button in blog (custom version inspired by
  • stuff extended
  • SVG buttons
  • table of contents

Creative ideas &&/|| Experiments

  • DESKTOP: floating “categories” column on the right
  • Generative Art
    • always-changing colors, see Zander Martineau’s website
  • everything center-aligned, also on desktop
  • colour palettes improvement

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