Ideas for programs which would be very useful, but I didn't find yet

Batch reopen

Found: OneTab, but it’s not open source. I don’t like it very much

A setting/add-on to restore several old windows sessions of a browser, with all the tabs (not just the last one), some sort of batch reopen.


A unique, universal and simple method to share stuff.

  • RSS / Telegram channel / …
  • like a RSS feed, but less technical and more social
  • like a Telegram channel, but not depending on Telegram (thus, it should be independent from any platform)
  • like but without having to pay
  • probably Mastodon is the closest thing to my idea yet. Still, too technical.


An audio recorder on steroids.

Any of the following actions should be performed locally, or at least anonymously, respecting the user’s privacy.

  • markers
  • auto-generated keywords based on markers, if applied
  • instantaneous automatic transcription (some type of progressive one, which could analyze the few seconds the user just recorded and immediately parse the text, such that if the one who is recording has lost track of the argument can read his last sentences)

Digital Wellbeing

Interesting and curious integrations which could be implemented in the system Digital Wellbeing app on mobile.

  • a program which sums the length of each audio sent and received (and listened), summing up the time spent recording and listening to audio messages.
  • a program which calculate a percentage of how much each person speak in a call / video-call, like some sort of “ball possession” percentage in soccer games.

Shadow map

A plugin for OsmAnd (or OpenStreetMap) and/or Google Maps which shows the buildings’ shadows during different times of the day. Useful in hot and sunny days not to burn as hell.

Scale app

An app which is capable of weighting stuff by reading an object’s pressure on a touch screen


An app for lunatic people. Used to learn by themselves their sudden attitude changes and track how their emotions evolve over time.

Making a Telegram Bot

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