What I need / have / would love to learn, in order of urgency

Actually, I don’t need to learn these things only, but here I note the main things that sooner or later will make me sit down and bingewatch tutorials on the argument to get a deep understanding of the concept, in order to make use of it in the best possible way. As you can see, it’s mainly geek-related stuff, which is the easier to keep track of.

Gaps in knowledge should be covered with the right Learning Resources, and remembered with an effective Knowledge management.

Geek stuff #

  1. Pandoc see [[ Cheat sheets#Pandoc ]]
  2. git
  3. Criptocurrencies
  4. OpenStreetMap and OSMand
  5. Github Actions
  6. Makefile
    1. How to write a self-documenting Makefile
  7. using fzf
  8. The Missing Semester
  9. DigiKam
  10. Darktable
  11. Omega-T
  12. in-depth CSS learning
  13. SCSS deeper understanding
  14. YAML deeper understanding

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