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Maybe I’m just losing my time, but I believe it would be so nice if I could list out in this page all of the things I know and the ones I need or want to learn sooner or later.

Every topic should have its namesake counterpart in the knowledge page, with a link to the resources I took advantage of to learn it.

🦴: bare-bones knowledge
πŸ’»: self-taught
πŸš€: something I’m proud of
πŸ‘€: still looking into it
πŸ“š: learnt at university or High School

Listing all this stuff is quite a long and boring thing to do, so I started, but I realised I don’t have time to complete it. I’m just gonna leave it here and add a new bunch of data from time to time.



  • C πŸ“š (Computer Sciences Exam)
  • HTML πŸ’»
  • CSS πŸ’»
  • JavaScript 🦴
  • bash 🦴
  • Markdown
  • YAML
  • JSON 🦴
  • Apache 🦴
  • php 🦴

programming TOOLS

  • vim (even though I actually use Neovim), the best text editor in the world, actually more than a text editor: a philosophy

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