About this weirdo

a photo of me conducting a live show

Hi, I’m Tommi.

I’m an enthusiast. I love getting involved in everything which involves human interactions and I’m overthinking addicted. I’m an happy guy, but this doesn’t mean I don’t cry (just make me watch the right movie).

The purpose of my whole exsistence is meeting all the people in the world. This is why, When I’m not studying, I try to be as busy as I can. This means, as the great Leibnitz said, that in my life I started everything and concluded nothing. You can know more about something of this messy everything by browsing around. If the stuff here is too confused and you get lost, well… welcome to my mind.

Things that wander around in my head are written on my blog or they are thrown in The Jar.

Some useful data:

I tweet a lot. Too much.

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11 September 2020


Qualche mattina fa ero in cantina, a rifocillare quegli scatoloni affamati di ricordi in cui custodisco tutti i piccoli oggetti che sono stati testimoni delle varie peripezie della mia vita, divenuti lo scrigno di un’emozione. Stavo stipando in quelle scatole ormai straripanti gli ultimi cimeli, raccolti durante il mio girovagare estivo.

Ho sorriso.


The Jar

There’s stuff I find out I wish I knew before, or stuff I just can’t keep from sharing but it’s not enough to make an article, or resources so great and useful that the whole world should know and use, or cool oddities I note and it’s nice to have them always ready at hand.

I take this things, I throw them into The Jar.

I hope it can be useful to you.

Featured stuff

Brunori Sas playing during Premio Tenco 2017

The Tenco Prize by Club Tenco is the most important prize for songwriters in Italy. I have the honour to work there and join with my friends the wonderful team of the organisers of the Festival.

Everyone movie poster

A short movie I made. My first one and my worst one yet.

Wake up
Masterclass Cult fellows with the actor Stefano Accorsi

We’re cinema lovers coming from all over the world. We are Giffoners. Watching films and asking tricky questions to celebrities is what we do.

A Firefox themed illustration

I love Mozilla. It's the foundation behind Firefox, the best browser in the world, and it promotes several great initiatives. I’m a volounteer at Mozilla Italy, member of the localization team: I translate MDN articles and I contribute to resources localization.

A crazy photo of me with a group of speakers before going live

Wherever you are, you just need an internet connection to listen to this crazy webradio (not only a radio) made just by teenagers all over the world

Crowded sunset in Florence, Italy

Videos and photos I shoot around the world or just when people ask me to