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a photo of me conducting a live show

Hi, I’m Tommi.

I’m an enthusiast. I love getting involved in everything which involves human interactions and I’m overthinking addicted. I’m an happy guy, but this doesn’t mean I don’t cry (just make me watch the right movie).

The purpose of my whole exsistence is meeting all the people in the world. This is why, When I’m not studying, I try to be as busy as I can. This means, as the great Leibnitz said, that in my life I started everything and concluded nothing. You can know more about something of this messy everything by browsing around. If the stuff here is too confused and you get lost, well… welcome to my mind.

Things that wander around in my head are written on my blog or they are thrown in The Jam.

Some useful data:

My name is landing on Mars!

That's right, you read correctly. Last summer I filled a form to send my name on Mars, it has been recorded upon @NASA's rover Perseverance and it's landing on Mars!

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Latest post

Non So Più Leggere

Non So Più Leggere

12 December 2020

Le lettere, le parole mi scorrono davanti senza lasciare un segno. È tutto uguale, lontano, criptico, inafferrabile. Come se ciò che leggessi apparisse in una lingua diversa da quella che il mio cervello sa decodificare.

Più penso a questo più l’effetto si accentua e diventa inevitabile. Più confido nella lettura e credo nella sua importanza, più mi rivelo incapace di valorizzarla leggendo.

Più voglio leggere, meno so leggere.
O meglio: più voglio leggere, più provo a leggere, più penso...


The Jam

There’s stuff I find out I wish I knew before, or stuff I just can’t keep from sharing but it’s not enough to make an article, or resources so great and useful that the whole world should know and use, or cool oddities I note and it’s nice to have them always ready at hand.

I take this things, I throw them into The Jam.

I hope it can be useful to you.

Stuff I do

I do too many things.

To both remember and share them, on this website I keep track of everything I do.

You can check the most important things I do in Stuff, while events and shows and concerts etc. I assist to are here.
Everything else is here.