Love awakens

I had a story in his mind which I had to tell. So I wrote it, somehow I found a way to produce it, and eventually filmed it. It took several long, long months of hard work whith his friends, who where kind and crazy enough to trust and follow him in this adventure.
I actually am someone who won’t take off his pajama no matter what. Filming Everyone made me think Everyone should wake up. And love.

a snaphot of of the final frames of the movie

Some thoughts from the director

Tommi wrote something on what he feels about the movie and about what he thinks it means to everyone.

Famous people kind enough to listen to me while I was trying to tell them Everyone plot in few seconds

a shot of the crew on set
Everyone poster

We’re not serious, but we try to look so

Everyone has an IMDb page, where you can find the complete list of the cast and crew and read some oddities about the production, check it out!